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Recent Submissions

  • Hidalgo, Francisco; Mathos, Joanne, interviewer (2019-10-08)
    INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION - This short interview was conducted by a student for a USC Ethnic Studies Project. 5/1/1972
  • Nakai, Mitsuyo; Hanawa, Yukiko, interviewer (2019-10-08)
    INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION - This second interview with Mitsuyo Nakai was recorded in Lake Elsinore and covers her marriage, the birth of her children, and life in Manzanar.
  • Nakai, Mitsuyo; Hanawa, Yukiko, interviewer (2019-10-06)
    INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION - The first of five interviews with Mitsuyo Nakai was conducted at Lake Elsinore, where she was still running her physical therapy practice.
  • Budilovsky, Agnes (b. 05/03/1899 - d. unknown); Feichtinger, Kris, interviewer (2019-09-26)
    INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION</ - The first two interviews with Agnes Budilovksy were conducted jointly with Rose Falk; this is the first one conducted solely with Agnes. Like the other interviews, it was recorded at the ACWA ...
  • Robinson, Marilyn; Zea, Stephanie, interviewer (2019-09-26)
    INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION</b> - This is the second of two interviews conducted as part of a project for a senior women's studies seminar. 1997-04-30